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Tucker Nichols: Cork Placemats

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Set of 6 placemats designed by Artist, Tucker Nichols printed on cork material. Bon Appetite!

D I G E S T I O N Placemats

We generally don’t like to think about digestion, especially while we’re in the process of doing it. But ultimately it’s what makes eating so appealing—the magic of taking food into our bodies and blindly extracting each essential part to give us raw energy. I designed these placemats as a way of introducing the most basic elements of digestion into the dining experience: tubes and bits. If it didn’t seem so disgusting, we would no doubt find it delightful. I hope your next meal with loved ones can celebrate the pleasure of a delicious meal and the miracle of turning food into life.  —  TN

Sold as a set of 6 

12 x 16

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