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Christine Lee: Truss Clothing Hangers

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Christine Lee designed these coat hangers featuring the core set of 8 bridge truss designs young architects and engineers must learn.  

Press molded from 100% recycled fiber material developed by Christine Lee and John Hunt at The USDA Forest Products Laboratory. 

While we made prototypes with CNC operations, these hangers are being press molded at the USDA lab and will take approxamitly 8 weeks for delivery. 

If you would like to reserve a set, please submit an order here along with payment information. Your card will be charged when the set is shipped. Set of three includes Pratt Truss, Baltimore Truss, Thatcher Truss

Set of eight includes Pratt Truss, Baltimore Truss, Thatcher Truss, Warren Truss, Double Intersection Warren Truss, Lattice Truss