Limited Edition// Sol Lewitt 'Lines and Arcs' Reversible Throw


American Conceptual Artist and Painter, 1928-2007

LeWitt's refined vocabulary of visual art consisted of lines, basic colors and simplified shapes. He applied them according to formulae of his own invention, which hinted at mathematical equations and architectural specifications, but were neither predictable nor necessarily logical.

LeWitt challenged some very fundamental beliefs about art, including the authority of the artist in the production of a work. His emphasis is most often on process and materials (or the lack thereof in the case of the latter) rather than on imbuing a work with a specific message or narrative. Art, for LeWitt, could exist for its own sake. Meaning was not a requirement.


‘Lines and Arcs’ Wall Drawing #260

100% Baby Alpaca

Dimensions: 50'' x 70''

A special thank you to Carol Lewitt!


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