Mill Pepper Co: Kampot Pepper Box Set



Mill Pepper Co. is based in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco, working with a small Organic Pepper Farm in Kampot, Cambodia  who supports a region continuing to recover from the Communist Khmer Rouge.

Kampot Pepper is a special variety of Piper Nigrum, grown only in the Kampot Region of Cambodia. In 2010, Kampot received Protected Geographic Indication [PGI] status from the WIPO and EU for the cultivation of pepper. This is the same designation protecting Champagne, Darjeeling and Parmigiano and is the only protected pepper growing region in the world.

Mill’s partner farm founded and supports a small primary school Les écoles de la Plantation along with surrounding roadways, school supplies and bicycles for around 100 children in the village. 

The glass bottles  are molded in Belgium based on a Penicillin vial mold from the 1930’s. A Mill logo is fused to the glass with ceramic frit leaving a subtly branded vessel w/ clear stopper that can be used in various ways after enjoying the pepper and removing the label. 

Sold as a set of 3

Includes organic Kampot Pepper in Black, Red and White varieties.

  • Size: 3 x 100ml Bottles
  • Origin: Kampot, Cambodia
  • Certified Organic

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