Gemma Holt: Rope Candles


Inspired by Tubbs Cordage Company (which operated in Dogpatch from 1856 until the early 1960s & was once the largest rope making factory on the Pacific Coast of the U.S.), designer Gemma Holt fashioned these candles from sprue wax using twisting techniques. Her original sprue wax forms were then cast to create molds, inside which 100% natural beeswax was poured. 

Burn at your own risk, but light these ephemeral tabletop beauties & they'll flicker in a surprisingly beautiful way.

100% natural beeswax with natural pigments; available in Natural, Ochre, Indigo, Clay, Blush, Bruise & Off-white. Due to the hand-making process, colors vary slightly.

Tall (single): 22" x .75"
Standard (set of two): 12" x .75" each

Gift them with a Rope Candleholder for an added twist!

Handmade in San Francisco, CA.

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