Gay Outlaw & Bob Schmitz: Cast Iron Pots


Designed by artist Gay Outlaw & her husband, fine woodworker Bob Schmitz, we relaunched these gorgeous cast iron pots in a small batch of 50...

Let the winter begin!

One design features a two-handled lid & a flat profile. The other design boasts a beveled top-handle on the lid & a rounded profile.

Both designs feature a wood grain texture on the lid, which was realized by burning into the surface of the wood, revealing & elevating its grain before patterns were made from the wood forms in aluminum. Foundry workers then used the aluminum patterns to create hollow sand molds into which they poured liquid iron to cast the pots. Once cast, Bob Schmitz & a retired machinist burnished the surface of the lids to get them ready for your use in the kitchen.

3 quarts; 18 lbs. each

Designed in San Francisco, patterned in Santa Rosa, cast at a foundry in San Leandro, & machined in garages in both San Francisco and Los Altos, CA.

*Please note: we are selling these pots lightly oiled & unseasoned. Each pot comes with seasoning instructions.

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