BUAISOU: Indigo-Dyed Shoelaces


These 100% cotton, indigo-dyed laces will make your shoes anything but blue!

Founded in 2012 in Tokushima, Japan by native-born indigo farmers and dyers, Kenta Watanabe and Kakuo Kaji, BUAISOU uses traditional Japanese techniques of farming, composting, and fermenting indigo leaves, creating their own dye vat. The BUAISOU team is working to preserve the tradition of Japanese indigo through the creation of art installations as well as their own line of functional goods. 

42" long

Available in three colors: light indigo blue, Murakumo (mixed) blue, & deep indigo blue

Made in Tokushima, Japan.

Questions? Call us at (415) 285-2050 or email us at workshopresidence@gmail.com.