Christine Lee & Agelio Batle: Barn Coat


Artists Christine Lee and Agelio Batle designed this coat utilizing remnant scraps of premium quality indigo-dyed denim that were piling-up at our preferred sewing shop in San Francisco, CA.  

Although fabric-cutters nest patterns to maximize yield, there is inevitably raw selvedge edge denim left-over (and destined for the garbage) after a production run. 

Each panel of these 100% recycled denim coats is a different shade of indigo, the chest pockets flaunting the material's pedigree with an exposed selvedge edge. 

Medium: 42" chest; 25" sleeve; 30" length
Double Extra-Large: 50" chest; 27" sleeve; 31" length
Extra Small, Small, Large & Extra Large: SOLD OUT

Made in San Francisco, CA. 

If you want to preserve the stiffness and character of the denim, don't bother washing this garment. Some people don't. It's cool. We won't judge you for it.

Sometimes, however, clothes need washing. For best results and to minimize shrinkage, we recommend washing this garment separately in cold water (it bleeds indigo).

For more information about raw and selvedge edge denim, read here.

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