Brick-Making Workshop w/ Mutual Stores: Saturday, 7/20, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.



Brick-Making w/ Mutual Stores

July 20, 2019 

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

 Free and Open to the Public

In celebration of SF-Art Book Fair, WR is collaborating with Mutual Stores to host a brick-making workshop. Any passersby can come to WR, and make themselves a brick using a homemade brick-press, and a variety of recycled materials such as paper and clay. This workshop is free and open to the general public. All ages welcome!

Making bricks is quick and simple! The homemade brick-press then compresses the materials to create a solid, sturdy, beautiful brick in 2 minutes 

Bring your own recycled recipients, tax-returns, bills, mail, magazines, galore! The bricks created can be useful for door stops, paper weights, book-ends and more!!

Mutual Stores  is an artist collective located in Oakland, CA. It consists of six individual artists studios, a share gallery and event space, a residency space, and a brick library and studio archive. Their mission is to incorporate sustainable practices into every aspect of the studio operations. The collective also offers workshop and resources for their local community in Oakland.

Questions? Call us at (415) 285-2050 or email us at