Rowland & Chinami Ricketts: Table Runner



Rowland and Chinami Ricketts grow the indigo that colors their cloth.

Rowland Ricketts apprenticed at the Furusho Indigo Dyeing Studio and the Nii Indigo Farm, both in Tokushima, Japan. He engages in all aspects of production from farming to processing and hand-dyeing textiles. He received his MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and teaches at Indiana University's Henry Radford Hope School of Fine Art. 

Chinami Ricketts weaves traditional narrow-width yardage for kimono and obi. After first studying indigo dyeing in her native Tokushima, Japan, Chinami pursued an apprenticeship with Yumie Aoto, where she learned the kasuri (ikat) and weaving techniques that form the foundation of her work today.

Indigo-dyed unspun bast fibers patterned with a stenciled paste resist, available in four designs: Uki (Large Dots), Hoshi (Small Dots), & Sazanami (Stripes).

12" x 60"

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