CCA Grad Opening Saturday July 26th

July 30, 2014 by Workshop Residence

  Kasha checks out Madeline's ghost table made from recycled cloth and resin

Opening this Saturday July 26th, 1 to 4pm!

Griffin Goldsmith shares his reunified sets of mismatched flatware, Madeline Isakson shows results from her textile and resin research and last weekend's workshops, and Hannah Quinn launches her handmade brooms and dustpans. 

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Ann, Braden, and Katie 
Hannah Quinn designed a series of brooms and dustpans from vertical grain Douglas Fir and American walnut.  Broom maker Duane Penner stuffed 70 brooms for us last week and brings his broom making machine to the workshop for Saturday's opening to demonstrate how they are made. Walnut or Fir corn broom $45 / Set Broom and Dustpan $95 
Griffin transformed mismatched flatware into reunified and considered sets.  Stainless steel with color matched handles and polished silver with patina matched handles. $25/setting 
Madeline Isaakson repurposed textiles that thrift stores have deemed “unsellable”  to create cast lamps, bowls, vases and tables using bio-resin. We will also show the resulting 20 pieces from last weekend's workshop. Pieces range from $35-$250
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