Call for Proposals: 1st Annual Residency Competition

February 12, 2014 by Workshop Residence

Kira the Vizsla visiting Workshop from the East Bay
After two years and twenty projects by invitation, we are pleased to announce our first open call for proposals. The winner joins us in August to develop their idea into a product to be sold in our store. 

Good luck!   Ann, Braden, and Katie

David Beach, Co-Director, Product Realization Laboratory, Stanford (learn more about David)

Tim Brown, CEO and President, IDEO (learn more about Tim)

Kim Hastreiter, Founder & Co-Editor-in-Chief, Paper Magazine (learn more about Kim)

The winner receives $2,000 honoraria, up to $5,000 in project budget, the use of our large studio/workshop, travel funds, accommodations in our adjacent apartment, technical design and production assistance from our dedicated staff, and an ongoing royalty from the sales of their product.
This competition will create an open dialogue by asking the public to vote and give constructive feedback on proposals directly to artists via our website's submissions page.
Once you submit a proposal, you can choose to participate in our online registry, or if you prefer we can keep it private. You may edit your proposal all the way up to the submission deadline on May 31st.

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